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with the team flag waving proudly from the plane, the 49ers arrive in new orleans ready for the super bowl. good evening i'm julie haener. >> the team arrived in new orleans a week ahead of the big game. the odds favor the 49ers as they prepare to take on the baltimore ravens. the red and gold have been to
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the super bowl v times and each time they came home victorious. their last super bowl appearance was back in 1995. good evening i'm eric rasmussen in for ken wayne. joe fonzi is live in new orleans where he's already heard from head coach jim harbaugh and witnessed the reception the team received at the hotel tonight. things as you can imagine kind of quiet right now outside of 49ers headquarters. but they will pick up as the weak wears on. it wupt that long ago you would have a hard time naming anybody who you might recognize on the national stage -- it wasn't that long ago you would have a hard time naming anybody who you might recognize on the national stage. but not anymore. >> that was cool, you know i just -- i'm like wow. that is amazing. that's amazing. that's what the super bowl is all about. >> super size, life size.
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>> no didn't think i would see that. >> i guess it brings the whole impact of the whole thing. >> it does, it's truly a blessing to be here. i'm just going to soak it all up and get ready for the game. >> the 49ers charter left the bay area this afternoon and landed here in new orleans this evening. the vast majority of san francisco players will be making their first appearance in the super bowl. coach jim harbaugh is doing his best despite all the national media attention to make the week as normal as possible. >> being here on sunday, in the city. like a week late you're off to a sunday game. our team has been really focused. focused on winning. focused on the unity of the team. i think it's really genuine. >> reporter: even though it's only sunday night. the fans are already gathering at the 49ers hotel. >> you're hanging around outside the 49er hotel doing what? >> waiting to see anybody.
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anybody i just saw anthony dixon go by, i shook his hand. i'm so excited. >> how about frank gore for you? >> because frank gore is short and he's a little guy so that's why he's a good runner. >> john harbaugh and the baltimore ravens come to town. we'll see you a little later in sports. reporting live in new orleans, joe fonzi. >> all right, we'll see you then. back in the bay area earlier today. fans cheered the 49ers on their way out. fans came to the team's practice facility in santa clara to wish the players good luck as the bus left for the airport. those in the crowd told us they were confident that their team will win. >> the closer it gets to kick off it's going to get worse. >> this is going to be a good
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game. >> the man who piloted the game said it was the greatest thing to deliver the 49ers to the big easy. ktvu will bring you every aspect of super bowl 47 joe fonzi, mark ibanez, ken wayne and bubba paris will bring you the latest. right after the game you will see postgame coverage. while the game may be in new orleans, bay area retailers are certainly cashing in. we had all in search of super savings. just 15 days before pitchers and catchers report to training team held a fan appreciatuation.
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appreciatuation -- appreciate day. there was a memorabilia sale to benefit the community fund. we'll have much more in sports. a final benefit concert tonight for injured giant fan and former paramedic bryan stow in his hometown of santa cruz. that's where we find the deborah villalon. >> the event started at 7:00. stow's story moved many people but none more than the man singing here tonight. >> i have two of the greatest worlds. >> reporter: the other world baseball is calling. >> ♪ >> reporter: and tim flannery will soon head to spring training as the giant's third base coach. giant colors peppered the sold out crowd tonight. an audience here to support
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injured fan bryan stow. >> he loves the giants, he loves the giants so much. >> reporter: flannery called stow in the hospital before the concert. >> he knew we were playing. he knew we were playing for him and he wanted to talk about the san francisco giants. >> reporter: he's back in the hospital now with a large blood clot in his leg. >> i thought we were over the life or death hurdles. >> reporter: his sisters came from his bedside to be at tonight's benefit. thankful for the fundraiser that will help with long term care and rehabilitation. >> it's really hard to hear your parents say, what are we going to do when he comes home. >> reporter: ryan spent a week at home for christmas. the family never closer but stow's mood and memory loss are a challenge. >> you can tell something is wrong and he just looks really sad but he can't explain why. we just hug him and kiss him. and he's pucker up and want to kiss first. >> you have to continue to love
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harder. >> reporter: the stow's sisters are touched that their brother is not forgotten. but the musician calls their family inspiring. >> i got to see them all at one moment become care givers and none of them ever walk away from the responsibility and as a family man it strengthens me. >> for the second year in a row this band has raised some $70,000 for stow. the hope is next year bryan will be able to come and enjoy the music. although tim flannery knows knows stow is a hard rock, heavy metal fan might not take to his bluegrass. deborah villalon, ktvu. firefighters rescued an elderly man trapped in his burning home this afternoon. crews were called to the home on brazil avenue and athens street. there they found the garage burning and the home filled with smoke. firefighters say an elderly man who can't walk was found in an
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upstairs room. firefighters brought him out of the home and took him to an area hospital with what they described as life threatening injuries from smoke inhalation. >> we train and train and train for this. and it makes it all worthwhile. a risk. we won't take risks without the rewards and knowing that this is at stake we took some considerable risks and it was all worth it. >> the cause of the fire remains under investigation. firefighters were called to a fire at a cement plant early this morning. flames broke out at the lee high permanente cement planet. -- cement plant. the fire broke out in one of the strucks in the facility. police in san jose are hoping newly released video will help them find a bank
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robber. this man robbed the west america bank back on january 14th. they said he got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. now this marks the seventh bank robbery in the last seven weeks in marin county. authorities in santa clara county are investigateing the suspicious death of a man found inside his home. sheriff deputies responded to a 911 call about gunfire. when they arrived at the location near sheila avenue they found a man in his 30s unconscious and not breathing inside his home. paramedics tried to revive him but he did not survive. they did not say whether or not he had been shot. police are still investigating a drive by shooting that injured a mother and her toddler. the vehicle the two were in was driving in front of the
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facebook offices on willow road. police say the driver of the vehicle managed to get to a mcdonalds parking lot for help. the boy and his mother were both shot in the leg. and the toddler's hand was grazed by a bullet. their injuries though are not life threatening. tonight friends and family mourn the loss of a man. what police were doing back at the scene today and the key questions about the victim they are now trying to answer. >> reporter: a large group of friends gathered at the scene to light a candle a say a prayer for lamont. >> i just heard loud like loud gunshots, four, four gunshots. >> i didn't want to scream because you could feel the tension. >> reporter: east palo alto police responded quickly. but by that time the shooter or shooters had taken off. >> fled in an unknown direction. unknown means, what we really need right now are witnesses. >> reporter: authorities do not know why coleman was in that
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neighborhood or why he had been targeted. they had been looking into his past which includes a charge which is related to an accidental shooting of his girlfriend in 2011 but they say that was not a factor here. >> we know who he was because of the october 2011 incident. but that is right now that's not a potential motive for us because they got back together and they're happy together. >> reporter: authorities were conducting additional interviews today and had scheduled an autopsy. in the meantime neighbors remain on edge. >> i went inside, locked the door. that's it. i did. >> it's kind of disappointing because i thought our city was really making a lot of progress. >> and now this. his close friends declined to go on camera but say coleman will not be forgotten. authorities do need the public's help. anyone with information in this case is asked to call east palo alto police or you can send them an anonymous e-mail or
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text. in east palo alto, ann rubin. ktvu news. take a look at what some drivers decided to do on a busy east bay freeway and right in the middle of afternoon. what the highway patrol is telling us tonight about this wild ride. plus the admission senator dianne feinstein made about her latest bill to ban assault weapons and why
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new video has surfaced showing daring drivers taking their side show stunts to a dangerous levels without fear of who's watching. jade hernandez is live now along interstate 880 to tell us what the highway patrol is saying about this latest stunt. >> reporter: this is as close to the freeway as we can get without getting into traffic. but it shows you where our video began tonight. what you will see is what some drivers witnessed firsthand. several cars spun around doing donuts with little regard for others. oakland traffic stopped near the coliseum many drivers not knowing what to do. we showed lifelong oaklander hall pictures of what drivers saw on the freeway yesterday. >> i think that was awful for them to just hold everyone at bay on the freeway as they did. >> reporter: the freeway disruption attracted attention
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on this overpass according to a couple of postings on facebook. >> i would hope that whoever is responsible that the highway patrol or whoever needs to do whatever they can so it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: this man doesn't like to see videos posted for anyone who is curious. >> this is happening on 880? >> yeah. >> did they get caught? >> reporter: not yet. and there's more videos posted every day depicting highway activity. the chp tell us they have witnesses and tips that may lead them to the drivers. >> i live right up the street, yeah. so i'm not really surprised. >> reporter: the chp says they have more information to release about this case tomorrow. reporting live in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu news.
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a car crashed and severely injured one person two collided. one person was ejected. authorities say he was gravely injured. police are still looking into what caused the crash. they say both drivers were going the speed limit and drugs and alcohol do not appear to be factors. no one else was hurt. also in oakland four people are recovering tonight after a pair of shootings there yesterday. police say the first victim was a bystander who simply drove through a gunfight. now later on that night in and just a few blocks away, two other people were shot at birch and 96th avenue. both are okay. >> 30-year-old nathan cook of oakland opened fire on the 13 year department veteran. the officer was shot in the
11:49 pm
leg. this was the second incident in which an oakland police officer was shot and wounded in just one week. oakland police tell us they plan to hold a news conference tomorrow to discuss both of those shootings. senator dianne feinstein admitted today her new bill to ban assault weapons faces an uphill battle but she says that doesn't bother her. >> what does bother me is i had seen weapons spawned and grown now in the hands of younger and younger people over these years. i think you reach a point as i said earlier where enough is enough. >> senator feinstein introduced the bill last week which would also limit the number of rounds in a magazine to 10. feinstein says a new poll shows strong support for an assault weapons ban. the nra has predicted the bill will not pass. california law makers will consider how well the state's department ban is working during hearings. the department will see
11:50 pm
demonstrations of firearms that are illegal here. and gun rights groups. the hearings will happen tuesday morning at the capital in sacramento. former republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan down played the question that he would be running for president. >> i have a job to do, i represent wisconsin. >> reporter: ryan said he's focusing on his work in congress. >> he is especially concerned about upcoming cuts known as sequester cuts that would slash the budget. within the past hour, a bipartisan group of senators has announced that an agreement has been reached on the principals to overhaul the nation's immigration reform. an estimated 11,000 people are in the country illegally.
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the nation of brazil is in mourning after a fire broke through a club. the club was at twice its maximum capacity at the time of that fire. >> reporter: amidst billowing smoke, firefighters work to control a fire. the regional coordinator of civil defense says the blaze started after 2:00 a.m. after the acoustic insulation caught fire in the kiss nightclub in the southern brazil townover santa maria. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> i would like to say to the people of our country and to the people of santa maria that in this time of sadness, we are all together. and we are going to overcome this sadness while still in mourning. >> reporter: more than 200 people were killed, many from apparent smoke inhalation. about 2,000 people were inside the club when the fire started
11:52 pm
double the capacity of 1,000. this calls to mind other deadly fires in recent years. a fire in a popular club in tupeng killed many. >> we're really sad. and it's a hard feeling. >> reporter: people state side are also mourning sunday's tragedy. con -- congregants of a brazilian christian church are gathering to play. cristina muchler, ktvu news. video of a dramatic rescue in arizona after more than 40 hikers become trapped. >> and the latest on casey
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the u.s. military says it successfully launched an intercepter missile. yesterday's launch did not lit a target but sent the missile into space. authorities conducted a dramatic rescue operation in arizona this weekend to help dozens of hikers trapped by
11:56 pm
floods. hikers in various parts of tucson's bear canyon started making 911 calls after heavy rains on saturday. a torin of water flooded down and trapped the hikers. rescue crews used rope lifts to get those people to safety. it took all day to rescue everyone. there are no reports of injury, amazingly. in egypt, another day of deadly rioting pushed president morsi to declare a state of emergency in three provinces. at least 44 people have died in the rioting that happened yesterday. from israel comes word that tests show former prime minister sharone who has been in a coma now has significant
11:57 pm
signs of brain activity. the brain activity increased when he was shown pictures of his family and played a recording of his son. a somber commemoration at the death camp. 68 years ago today the camp was liberated by the soviet army. today the survivors returned to pay tribute to those who died. it is estimated that 6 million jews, and hundreds of thousands of gypsies, disabled people, homo sexuals and political prisoners were killed by the natzi in camps. the woman acquitted of murder in the highly publicized case of her daughter caylee is back in court. a florida appeals court also overturned two of four convictions for his leading
11:58 pm
authorities but she may still appeal the other two. anthony has already served her sentence and just finished probation so she is free to live wherever she wants. a celebration in san francisco today to honor a bay area man who fought against japanese intournament in the 1940s. the fred korematu heros celebration was held today. he was one of the very few who refused president roosevelt's 1942 order for all japanese americans to be relocated to internment camps during world war ii. >> he wanted everyone to fight for their right, their civil rights to stand up for what is right. and to also to speak up when something is wrong. >> today's celebration also honored 16 other asian american and pacific islander civil rights pioneers. we have some new video into the ktvu newsroom of a fatal
11:59 pm
crash. >> the red and gold well it turns to green. the rush that is on to get just the right set [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ]
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♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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our coverage of the 49ers quest for a sixth super bowl championship continues now with a live look at san francisco and as you can see, there it is. the team's flag is flying high near the embarcadero. and that red and gold means green for some bay area retailers.
12:02 am
>> reporter: today it seems every few minutes people would come in and head back out with a new tv. perhaps it had something to do with next weekend's big game. >> our tv needs upgrading and we thought now would be a good time. we're having a bunch of people over next weekend. >> we're going to buy a 60-inch tv. >> 60-inch tv, for what? >> for the super bowl. >> reporter: next weekend millions of the people worldwide will be glued to their television watching the san francisco 49ers take on the ravens in super bowl xlvii. this time of year is the second most popular time to buy the tvs and with the hometown team playing it gives that much of an added boost to tv sales. >> now there's extra rush just because the 49ers are in it. >> a place they haven't been since 1995. and back then, a lot of people never even heard of hgtv. >> we no longer sell nonhigh def tvs. it's a big experience to watch your team in high definition at home. >> reporter: your options for
12:03 am
tvs seem endless. so if you can't be in new orleans sunday, some say going big might be the next best thing. >> it might be better than being there. >> reporter: some stores are having sales on hdtvs so if you're looking for a time to buy, it might be now. and bars and restaurants are having events on sunday. there's also papa murphies take and bake pizza which will have its entire staff working on sunday. >> we did 15,000 pizzas during the divisional game. and i think we're going to do better. >> managers say they will be
12:04 am
prepping all week long. and at the fresno zoo they sure have a way to pick a winner. an orangutan had a choice of which one to open first. the one with the 49ers blanket or the one with the ravens. with no hesitation at all she went right for the red and gold. here's the caveat. fans should be aware that per hicks have been half right. same as chance, 50%. there's more on the 49ers super bowl quest. just go to there you will find the latest news plus a slide show of fans showing pride. there's a new video just into the ktvu news of a fatal accident in richmond that has led to a road closure. just before 9:00 tonight. the chp says five people were in this black suv one person was pronounced dead at the scene the other four were all
12:05 am
taken to the hospital. the driver told them she swerved to avoid hitting a pothole and lost control of the vehicle. the chp has closed three lanes and so traffic is moving very slowly through that area right now. it's costing a lot more to fill up the tank. gas prices have inched up 2- cents in the past week. prices are up about a nickel over the last week in the area. in oakland it's a little cheaper at 3.62. in san jose it's a penny more at $3.63 a gallon. the recent grounding of 787 dream liner isn't stopping the company from doubling production of the liner by the end of the week. the faa and other agencies took all 50 aircraft out of service for a safety review. boeing has an order of 800 airliner planes to fill for
12:06 am
seven different airlines. stoppage production would be a delay for boeing. and a & m has put passengers to tokyo -- postcards now run a cent higher at 33-cents. those forever stamps though they still work. mailing to mexico and canada has also increased by 25-cents. but now there's a forever global stamp. so for $1.10 you can mail a letter any where in the world. also priority mail prices have gone up but tracking is now free. you know some call it a one of a kind experience. >> and they are off, the annual sale in oakland that brings
12:07 am
shoppers from hundreds of miles away. >> i have to check that out one of these days. >> all right, you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet
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lots of sunshine across the bay area this weekend. you may have noticed a few visiting high clouds paying us a visit moving in from north to south. we basically have the same pattern right now. a big cloud batch moving into the northern portions of the state and heading into the bay area. also up toward eureka a few showers being detected by the radar. here's a closer inspection of the radar. there's that cloud deck moving into sacramento, fairfield out toward concord and here you can see some rain showers
12:10 am
approaching eureka and some of this activity could be approaching the region as we head into the overnight hours but big deal. we still have that cold air mass in place. take a look at these current numbers, it's already in the upper 30s in fairfield and napa. santa rosa 41 degrees. downtown san francisco 48. and san jose in the 40s as well. forecast headlines for tonight. partly cloudy and breezy. tomorrow some patchy morning fog and fair skies into the afternoon hours but a few more clouds to start out your monday morning. the extended dry weather pattern and temperatures will be warming up. here's a look at the chilly overnight lows. upper 20s toward napa, santa rosa 33. san jose 40 with partly to mostly cloudy conditions. of course new orleans a very popular destination this weekend. if you're heading out to check out the super bowl. over the next few days we're focusing on monday. tomorrow not too bad with partly cloudy skies.
12:11 am
tuesday night look what happens. rain showers on the increase. there's a chance we could have some thunderstorms in the new orleans area by tuesday night and into wednesday morning. you can see the forecast really picking up on the rainfall rates and the possibility of a few storms. once again clouds moving in but a changing weather pattern. first thing tomorrow morning, patchy fog and a chance of showers. high pressure developing offshore. here's a look at some of the rainy days so far during january 2013. and not too much for the remainder of the week. i almost included tomorrow, basically tomorrow will be dry. except our cloud cover, the bulk of the activity remains to the west. we'll have to hold on to that chance now and 6:00 monday morning. but then clearing skies into the evening hours. forecast highs for your monday will be higher than today.
12:12 am
and clouds approaching 60 out toward san jose and morgan hill. looking ahead, your forecasts tuesday, wednesday and thursday approaching the mid- to upper 60s. with your weekend always in view which should remain dry but increased clouds for saturday with more cloud cover on sunday. it'll feel very spring like in our area. >> we'll take it, thanks mark. some people say it's a shopping experience like no other. the oakland museum held a preview sale today for the annual white elephant sale next month. there are lots of things for sale throughout the 9,600 square foot warehouse. one man says his group has been first in line for the last three years. >> you never know, one man's trash is someone elses
12:13 am
treasure. >> it costed $15 to shop today q x
12:14 am
alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪
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faster than mandy can hang up on mr. monday. you hang up first. [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. [ ringing ] it's on. let's roll. good evening everyone, thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports night. in one week we'll know if the 49ers are winners for the sixth time. they're in new orleans and so is our joe fonzi who joins us now. only five current 49ers made their trip to the super bowl before this. but i can't imagine these guys
12:16 am
are acting like wide eyed rookies right now. >> to get to this point it took a lot of ups and downs. it took a lot of ups and downs. we have a lot of players, me, joe, ray. we all came in together and we had some serious losses. but to get to this point. >> i haven't done too much reflecting and we still have this game in front of us. so maybe i'll think about that. after the end of the season. but right now you know really i mean i don't want to sound cliche but we're just focused on this football game. not taking time to take it all in. there's no time for that. >> same approach as always really. enjoy the moment. enjoy the preparation. i think that's what our team
12:17 am
enjoy it is most. the practice, the meetings and then especially the competition. >> i think people are putting too much focus on me. i think they don't realize the other weapons we have on this team. i don't think they realize the great offensive line that we have. there's a lot of other parts on this team that do great thing that is make it easier for me to go out there. >> it's huge. i think right now you just can't take a -- we made it. we still have a game to play. you never remember who lost the super bowl. >> it is only sunday which means we've got six more days to talk about all this stuff as the week wears on. we're going to see you tomorrow morning. and i'm going to use some veteran's advise here. no hurricanes for me. fred back to you. >> all right joe. thanks very much here. of course ken wayne is already
12:18 am
down here with joe, mark ibanez and bubba paris. and they're going to join us in every single one of our newscasts leading up to sunday. you will see the first live local postgame show right here by switching your channel to ktvu channel 2. on to hockey and one reason the sharks are 5-0 is because they've outscored their opponents 11-2 in the first period. today against vancouver everyone the pushing and shoving started before the first puck was dropped. vancouver wore white in san jose today. the game gets chippy. that draws a penalty. joe thornton shoots and scores. he's still in first quarter when vancouver tries to pass the puck but joe intercepted, beats schneider. pavelski scores his first two
12:19 am
goals of the season. gets just one. although it looks like schneider pushes it in himself as you look at the replay. the oakland athletics held their first fan fest today. unlike this time last year, there's a greater feeling of confidence and a whole lot less sense of the unknown. the fans packed in to meet the 2013 squad. last season the team was in constant flux. one big change is hair. look at that josh redding growing his beard while coco crisp decides to take on his mob squad look. >> his facial hair can grow faster than mine. i wanted to come back and look like santa claus. i wanted to get a weave to throw him off.
12:20 am
but i guess i'm just going to let it grow out. wherever it goes it goes. >> i don't think our expectations will be any different this year unless we say we're going to win the world series. then you know it's taking a little further approach. i think the main thing is just make it to the play offs and we've had that mentality since i've been here. >> ace players report to arizona february 11th. one bay area pac12 men's [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
12:21 am
i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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rain and fog stole most of
12:24 am
the news. tiger started the third round. tiger loves this course he's won seven of the 12 professional events he's started here. look at the ball roll back for a tap in birdie. heavy fog has suspended yesterday's entire third round was gone today. they couldn't finish this tournament any way today. because just too much time. here's tiger's approach on the 13. a blind shot to the pin. another birdie here and tiger held a 54 lead. tiger then played seven holes of his fourth round. he didn't change to his usual red shirt but it didn't seem to matter as he birdies the third hole. then on his par this is again in the fourth round. tiger is feeling a little chipper. watch that as birdie as he shoots and enjoys a sixth round lead. tiger must finish his final 11th hole tomorrow. >> stanford men are not where they want to be in the pack
12:25 am
standings. but tonight they took their frustrations on the u. the u are 1-7. this game was a blow out from start to finish. stanford led by 20 at halftime. they shot 50% for the entire game. john cage made all four of his three point shots. cage finished with a career high 19. cardinal wins by 41. 87-56 they're just 3-4 in both games. buffaloes run back to apply another dagger. johnson scores two of his 18. buffalo scored 34 will 34 -- 34-18 at halftime. another turn over by colorado.
12:26 am
and alan crab. cal started the second half on a 7-0 run but these two teams stuck in the middle of the standings and booker an all star today. booker hit three threes. 81-71. mount montgomery. stanford women's all american jenae had more trouble with her contact than she did with the opponent team. toni from the corner. stanford wins. they are 7-1 in the conference standings. seventh ranked california they beat utah to stay tied with stanford. djokovic put his name in the history books.
12:27 am
since the open era started. djokovic began the first tennis play ever to win this. he won today's first set too. but andy lost the next three. djokovic in the far court just one volley alive after another. one the celebration was a little more reserved than usual. djokovic is still the world's number one player. >> super bowls are just a little more important. today the nfc in the blue jerseys. eli manning gets intercepted by derek johnson. and johnson is headed for diamond head. they take a 14-10 lead but not for long. because three nfc quarterbacks threw six passes. there's a nice scramble and toss to doug martin. martin wins what may be the
12:28 am
final nfc probowl 62-35. boston celtic's point guard rondo attended the game but did not play. that's because rondo and the team found out that he would miss with a torn acl. lebron james drives, scores with 62 seconds left. scoring 34 today. paul pierce pulls up. there's your go ahead jumper. spears scores a triple double. 100-98 and that's in ut. >> russell westbrook returned to l. a. and that's not a bullet-proof vest that's just a fashion statement. kobe drives and dishes to who
12:29 am
else, earl clark. earl clark. your lakers star. yeah. kobe scores 21-14-9. he can't put this game away with the jumper. l.a. wins over okc. there he is the man, the myth. the legend, lionel messi becomes the first player ever to pass 100 goal mark. scores four goals today for barcelona. became just the eighth player ever to reach that illustrious 200 goal mark. >> and for all you football fans, stay tuned, we will provide live reports to every single one of our newscasts. that's about 52 i'm counting. i'm just guessing i don't know. immediately following next

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